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My name is Coach K and together in our Membership CLUB, we teach you how to eat, sleep, and breath success!

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Become financially FREE.
With the following Services we offer:

Presale Allocations

Holding a Membership CLUB NFT allows you to buy into exclusive Pre-Sale Allocations of highly demanded upcoming Crypto Projects.

Trading Alpha (Courses)

With our experience in trading cryptocurrencies we curated extraordinary knowledge in compact and easy to follow courses.

Trading Signals

Access to Trading Signals from the Top Traders in our Community

Exclusive Community

Talk, Exchange, Trade and just have fun with like-minded success-oriented people that help each other.

Offering the most valuable services of all Crypto Communities.

With our extensive Knowledge, Network and Experience we are able to offer you Insights you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to motivate, support and inspire you to make life-changing returns.
Pre-Sale AllocationsTrading AlphaExclusive Community (CLUB)

The CLUB invests into Pre-Sales

Holding a CLUB Membership NFT you have the ability to invest into prestigious Crypto Projects at an early stage.


Step-by-Step Learning (never too hard)

  • Videos with Explanations (Never boring)
  • Curated Proven Knowledge (learn quick)
  • Steady improved learning curves (never too hard)
  • Use your knowledge right away (win your first trade)
  • Learn with a certified educator

Get into the Exclusive Community: The CLUB

Be amongst other like-minded people, and potentially be the next millionaire in the club. Learn, share with others and set yourself financially free.

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Buy a Membership NFT

Get instant access and incentives.

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Pre-Sale Allocations, Trading Alpha, Trading Courses & Community Access.

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By participating in Sales, Trading, and Special NFT mints.

HODL for more

Hold onto your CLUB NFT for exclusive special events, merch and more.

The Most Valuable and Supportive Crypto Community in the World.
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What is the path to financial freedom?

Hear what COACH K has to say:

Its all about your mindset

Mindset is what makes you rich or poor, learning how to train this in the club will be more valuable than money, I teach you to fish, understand your own emotions and use them to your financial advantage.

Taking action

Learn how to properly manage risk and to play like a smart money millionaire.

Hear the voices of our community members

Wreathy, CLUB Member

“It’s been just over a year in CK CLUB for me and I've learned a whole lot. I had some amazing opportunities and calls. I am looking forward to many years too come.”

Zaid, CLUB Member

“COACH K has actually been like my personal crypto coach; giving me advice and guiding me along this journey. I went from a novice trader to now consulting for a crypto company and getting paid for it in crypto.”

CryptoFreck, CLUB Member

“The CLUB gives me opportunities in crypto that I would never have dreamed of. COACHK is a true mentor, and the club has become a real family.”

Bas S, CLUB Member

“COACHK is the compass you wish for in the world of crypto. He takes care of the CLUB as his family. He brings you opportunities that you thought were impossible and makes you aware of projects you would never think of. Join the CLUB!”

Y B, CLUB Member

“Being part of the CLUB family is truly an amazing experience. COACHK and the team work so hard to get us in to the best opportunities the industry has to offer. This is truly the place to be if you want to educate yourself and change your life for the better.”

Ryan L, CLUB Member

“Thankful to be apart of such an amazing group of individuals. It has been an inspiration to my life and future!”

D W, CLUB Member

“COACH has changed my life; literally financially changed my life. Now learning from his values. I am helping my friends to become financially free too.”

Toballa, CLUB Member

“I recently got into crypto, enjoyed Coach K‘s YouTube Videos and decided to join his Club. Ever since I am learning and earning at an amazing pace. The community is fun and extremely supportive. Best investment ever!”

ThaFrost, CLUB Member

COACHK always gives. Gives the right mindset, trades, direction of markets, raises for the best projects out there. A place to commune and be around like minded people and provided us with a lot of humour and alpha only available to CLUB members.”

Kinch, CLUB Member

“I joined, I listened, I made it.”

Mathh, CLUB Member

“This is the place where I've learn the most in all my life about trading, not only its the best club for making money, it's also like a family in there💎”


“CLUB is my hub for all things crypto. Joining this community was HANDS DOWN the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Aaron J, CLUB Member

“Being part of Coach K's CLUB has enabled me to, 1) develop the right investing mindset, 2) make better decisions, and 3) gain access to amazing projects.”

Al, CLUB Member

“Hello all, I have been in Coach K's club for nearly two years now. What an opportunity! ou get Coach's insights everyday and you get some of the best opportunities in crypto.”

Mike W, CLUB Member

“COACHK's guidance has changed my life in so many ways. From making enough to pay for my sons college tuition, to being able to not have to work a full time job. So I can focus on family and my personal business and personal goals in life.”

Here is what you get by holding a CLUB NFT

Get your CLUB Membership NFTs first on Opensea

STANDARD Membership

1 NFT (Tier 1)

grants you:

  • CLUB Channel (Telegram)
  • Alpha Signals
  • Trading Courses
  • Wallet Analytics
  • Merchandise drops
  • Coach K CLUB Events
  • Yield
  • Lottery
  • Deal Flow
Buy Membership NFT(s)
PREMIUM Membership

2 NFTs (Tier 2)

incl. EVERYTHING from Tier 1

  • CLUB Channel (Telegram)
  • Alpha Signals
  • Trading Courses
  • Wallet Analytics
  • Merchandise drops
  • Coach K CLUB Events
  • Yield
  • Double Lottery Entries
  • Additional Deal Flow

3 NFTs (Tier 3)

Incl. EVERYTHING from Tier 1

  • CLUB Channel (Telegram)
  • Alpha Signals
  • Trading Courses
  • Wallet Analytics
  • Merchandise drops
  • Coach K CLUB Events
  • Yield
  • Triple Lottery Entries
  • Priority Deal Flow

We're here to set you financially free.

Our service helps you become financially free and independent on your expenses.

Learn from our skilled professionals, how they invest, why they invest and what sets a good project from a bad one apart.

How can I get started?

It's very easy. Just register an account via our Website and hold the correct NFT according to your tier.

How do I receive the incentives?

Once registered with the site and the NFT is bought you will be given access to the members area.

How much can I invest into pre-sales?

Usually we allow you to invest 2,500 to 5,000 USD into pre-sales. Depending on the allocation amounts.

What if I am not satisifed?

You can sell your NFT any time but you will loose your pre-sale allocations, other advantages and be refunded to your wallet.

Can I use a cold storage wallet too?

Yes, you can use cold store wallets such as Trezor, Ledger or other devices that work with Meta Mask.

Do you have a question for us?

Ask and we get back to you.